Security Officers in San Jose

Parking Enforcement

Defense Protection Group provides parking enforcement services for a variety of facilities and communities.  Our parking management program will simplify your parking system and help free you up to manage your property.  With our instant online reporting, we can simplify your parking system to help reduce liability, and increase occupancy retention rates.

Parking Management Services:

  • Manage and administer your complete parking permit and enforcement program.
  • Provide Online parking permit registration for tenants and homeowners.
  • Evaluate and reorganize your parking system.
  • Register all tenant vehicles on your property.
  • Issue Regular and Temporary Permits.
  • Enforce HOA parking rules and regulations.
  • Remove violating vehicles, per California Vehicle Code regulations

Using in-car laptop computers and Smartphones, our patrol officers will monitor parking areas, check the status of any vehicle on your property for proper permits, prior citations or violations of HOA rules.  All violations are photographed, documented and instantly uploaded to our website. When needed, we will have vehicles removed by an independent tow company, licensed and authorized by the State of California.

Our services will enable you to:

  • Create satisfied residents
  • Save parking spaces for authorized vehicles
  • Manage guest parking
  • Reduce and prevent illegal parking
  • Track and monitor violations per vehicle and unit
  • Instantly view any and all activity on your property.

Our management team of retired law enforcement officials and property managers understands the need for a good parking enforcement program. We can help you navigate the sometimes complex and confusing towing laws and regulations. Thus helping you to reduce liability and ultimately increase occupancy and tenant retention.

Please call us at (408) 650-8320 or email us for a discussion of your parking enforcement concerns and a free cost estimate. We will be glad to discuss our services and solutions with you and look forward to learning how we can meet your needs today.